Mint can only boot in recovery mode


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Jan 11, 2020
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Hello,thanks for watch this.I've try to upgrade linuxmint 17.3 to linuxmint 19.3,but I kill the update program in terminal.So,I reinstall the system, but when I try to boot,System will freeze at the screen thet first show the pointer.Can who helps ,e to fix this problem,thanks.

G'day Jing, and Welcome to

Are you reinstalling 17.3 or 19.3 ?
I never do upgrades but that's a personal choice.

Instead I always perform fresh installations.

Here's a good video on how to upgrade 17.3 to 19.3.
Does this mean you have 19.3 on a thumb drive/usb stick .....and are prepared to do a clean install ?
So your not using the GPU at all and don't have a gui?

Is this a laptop or desktop?

CPU issues? More information please:-

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