Mint 21.1 released

It's working fine here I might add.
And it is also working just fine here as well.

Upgrading from LM21 to LM21.1 can be done either by opening the update manager and click on edit.....then choose 'upgrade to lm21.1...
or via system reports and follow the prompts there.

The process is almost exactly the same as installing normal, everyday updates.

It would still be wise to take a Timeshift snapshot Before upgrading.

I also took another snapshot After upgrading

i prefer to err on the side of caution.

Having said that, I sat and drank a cuppa during the process, and the upgrade finished as I finished the cuppa.

Rebooted and all is well.
Morning all.

Timeshift version shipping with it is

timeshift 22.11.1+vera

and the libglib2.0-0 version is

libglib2.0-bin 2.72.1-1

which is fine with Timeshift anyway. But even if or when Mint update to the 2.74 series (which was problematic for Timeshift, causing the GUI to crash), timeshift 22.11 will accommodate that change.

So full steam ahead for Timeshift users. :)

System Restore Utility

Just an additional thought
Immediately following the conclusion of the upgrade, my pc showed another update available

It was another update manager update/ there are TWO updates of this before the system upgrade and one after.

it installed quickly with no fuss or bother.
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I just did a fresh installation of LM 21.1 on my nvme drive and it looks fantastic!
Very well pleased! :)
The Mint Team did a GREAT job!
My fresh install boots in 4-6 seconds from the BIOS flash screen:-

Pictures are crystal clear!


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