Mint 18 Sleep Mode

I have had Mint 18.0 installed on my Tower PC for a few weeks now and pleased with the move from Windows 7.
My problem is i want to be able to send the computer to sleep as i did with Windows.
I click on the Mint logo select suspend and it switches the machine off, tried Hibernate and the same happens.
Any ideas please.
Thank you.


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I cant help you with this......I never send my pc to sleep. On occasion I will turn both monitors off (two monitors) but that is as far as I go.

Someone will come along who has this particular knowledge.
No problem, My reason for asking this is I think my PSU is on the way out.
After being switched off overnight i push the on button and nothing.
If i pull the power lead out of the back of the computer and let the green light on the back discharge for 20 seconds and go off then put the lead back in press the button and bingo off she goes.
Thought perhaps if i left it powered up and sleep instead of turning off might give it a new lease of life.
Now wondering if to get a new PSU or buy a refurbished computer with better spec.
Thankfully took your advice and Mint is on my external HDD.


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I am not familiar with the weird things occurring around power supplies....

Hopefully someone here has knowledge of that sort of thing....maybe @TechnoJunky ??....maybe ?


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Actually I have had to deal with power supply issues. The last complete computer I bought was back in 2000. Ever since then (and even before that computer), I've only upgraded pieces of the computer. I've had some power supplies that lasted long and some that didn't. I definitely suggest getting the extended warranties with PSUs, nothing else, just with the PSU. The oddities with a dying one can be misleading, making you think that maybe it's another part, mysterious reboots and stuff. Here's a link for testing, but if the issue comes and goes, you may not be able to catch it when testing. Although it may seem scary to stick a paper clip into the holes and then power it on, I did it and had no issues. If you think it's the PSU, it probably is. Before you buy a new one, find out what your video card requirements are. If you're a gamer, you'll need a PSU with more power. It's really the video card that determines your need there.


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I click on the Mint logo select suspend and it switches the machine off, tried Hibernate and the same happens.
Any ideas please.
Thank you.
This IS supposed to happen. IDK what you know about "sleep" mode but it is OK to switch the machine off. Sleeping basicaly records your running programs on the hard drive and then turns the fans and the CPU off. Then, when you wake the computer up, they're still open and running.
There's one "problem" with "sleep", however: if you have a power outage for whatever reason, all the data recorded on the hard drive is deleted and when you press a key on the keyboard, the machine won't start, so you have to press the Power button on the case to boot everything from scratch, so to speak.

There's also the "suspend" mode which records everything in the random access memory (RAM) but it has the same "problem" - power loss causes all the data to be deleted.

I for one prefer "sleep" mode cuz it happens a lot faster than "suspend" - between pressing the sleep key on the keyboard (I've set the "Pause" button to do that) and putting the computer to sleep pass 3 seconds tops, whereas for "suspend" it takes a lot longer to suspend and also to resume.

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