Military CAC Card Reader with Ubuntu (Latest Version)

Mark Hutson

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Apr 14, 2018
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I have tried on several occasions to get my CAC Reader to work with Ubuntu and I am not able to successfully install the middle ware and the DOD Cirts. Can anyone help?

In order to get you CAC working you need to install - opensc - which you can get through the Synaptic Package Manager - if you do not have Synaptic installed open the terminal
sudo apt install synaptic
after installation then do a search for - opensc - it will find it you may have to scroll down a bit but it is there, it will also install opensc-pkcs11 - simply right click it and select "Mark for installation" then click the apply button it will then download it and install it

Once you get that installed I have made a guide on my website - it is at the bottom of the page that will take you through the rest process it is a PDF file - I had a CAC for several years as a contractor and retired USAF
Yes the guide says for Expirion but it is based on Ubuntu so it should be the same
Hope this helps
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The Military CAC site is good also. You may need to take some of the instructions, not so literally. You will need to load each certificate individually after downloading the entire set. and that's the most time-consuming thing. After that, it works great!

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