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migration from sendmail to zimbra

Discussion in 'Mail Server' started by nooranali, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. nooranali

    nooranali Guest

    hi everyone
    i want to migrate (sendmail server v 8 on redhat 5) to zimbra server v8 on redhat
    I want to migrate every thing(user account,user id,mbox,user password,group,group ID, aliases...) from sendmail to zimbra 8 on redhat 6.3
    Please your help

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  2. Mike Adham

    Mike Adham Guest


    It is very simple you just use zmprov to create the user in Zimbra, where you can install a Zimbra in front sendmail and after that just configure a local domain fallback in postfix.So now there is no user in Zimbra, we only need to forward all the mail to sendmail and once you start adding users the mails for those migrated users would land at Zimbra and at last you have provisioned all the users from sendmail in Zimbra now no more mail would go to snedmail.

    I guess whatever the info I convey you regarding your query may help you and if you need more info for the same Let me know!!

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