Memcache vs Redis for Woocommerce


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Jun 16, 2022
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I have Ubuntu 20.04 with LiteSpeed, alogn with Wordpress + Woocommerce. I use also LS Cache plugin.

I have installed both Memcache and Redis.

Between Redis and Memcache, how do I test which one is better for Woocommerce? I mean, I enable from Object Caching either Memcache or Redis, but how do I conclude which is better?

Will I have issues or errors later because I installed both?

Thank you!

So long as you're not using them at the same time, you should be fine.

To test, I'd suggest A/B testing - test with each to see which is faster. You can also Query Monitor to see check for errors and things like load size/time:

As you're using LS Cache, you might as well nullify most any slowness by using the QUIC CDN. It works very well, with many options. I pretty much leave the defaults in place, but the options are there. The free tier is adequate for a site just starting out. Then the prices are quite reasonable.

Also, this isn't really much of a Linux question so much as it's a WordPress question. I'm going to move it to 'off-topic', but that's just for organizational reasons. Folks will still see it and any interested parties will still respond.
I am sorry if I put a noob question, but they are both enabled in the vps. But I didn't configure yet the LS Cache plugin and I didn't choose the object caching (memcache or redis).

That means right now, in this moment, they are interfering ?

Thank you!
You'd want to check your various logs to see if there are any errors. If the site is running smoothly and loading well, I wouldn't worry too much about having them both running at the same time. I have memcache and LS cache at the same time on one of my sites - but no Redis with that one.

Install Error Log Viewer by BestWebSoft and check it a few hours later.

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