Media burners? So many to choose!

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Feb 14, 2021
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fxburn, Brasero, K3b, GnomeBaker,...
if you dont mind me asking. What would you recommend for a neophyte. "still working my way up to newb"
The first one i looked at was K3b but apparently it dont like other software i have.
Additional software has to be removed
Please take a look at the list of changes below.
-7147520.0B of disk space will be freed.

I have always liked K3b, but as you have observed, it can be problematic.
Brasero is a good basic burner application.
It sometimes makes a difference which desktop environment you are using and which Linux distro.
If you post that information you may get some good recommendations.
I still use K3b even though it likes to complain a lot :rolleyes:
Thank you both. :)
Vrai i use Distro Linux Mint 20.1
DexTheDog i am trying to stay away from all windows! LOL
Are you wanting to create copy iso files to thumb drivers or are you actually wanting to burn a dvd? dd FTW win if you are just wanting to create thumb drives to live boot from.
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I have always used Brasero, its not a difficult one for newer converts
I've never had any issues with k3b or Brasero.

These days, I hardly ever bother with optical media, so I may not be the greatest reference point. I did do some k3b testing as a matter of course, but had no issues with it. (It's the default in Lubuntu, so it gets tested by at least me.)
i will mostly be using it to burn dvd, mp4, mp3, wav to new dvd-rw.
M20.1 is what I have on my desktop With Brasero.... no problems
Thought... if you have a mix of sound formats and want to burn to a single format [say MP4/Ogg/Wma etc ] to MP3 I use the gnome sound converter first
sudo apt install soundconverter
Thank you all for the input. :)
i loaded up Brasero and giving it a try.