Manjaro 21 and Garuda dr460nized need help installing


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Feb 16, 2021
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I get the same results when trying to install from a dvd iso. Both distros were copied and burned on Brasero from torrents. The message I get after starting install for either distro says:
"mount: /new_root; wrong fs, type, Bad option, Bad super block on overlay. missing code page, or helper program, or other error
ERROR: failed to mount the real root device. Bailing out; you are on your own; good luck"
then next line of message:
"Sh: can't access tty:
Job control turned off
[Root FS }#"

Note: I have used the same method of installing Obuntu Studio 20.1, dvd iso. from a torrent, on the same machine already and have no problems.
I'm sorry, but I'm lost. Too new at this. I hope this is the right way to present my problem. Can anyone please help?

I think first you need to check the SHA-checksums and see whether file is corrupt or not And you may want to change the application you use for burning DVDs for example I have used "PowerIso" before and it's availible for windows .Sometimes these problems occur because of the application you use .

good luck
@Bobcapp - Garuda use the BTRFS (B Tree File System) protocol rather than the Linux defacto standard EXT4.

This may be a part of what is causing issues. Do you need to use Garuda, or would another Arch do?


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