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Making movies sound with equal levels all the time


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For quite some time I have this problem with all movies and all video players - when the characters of a movie speak, the sound is often so quiet that I can hardly hear what they say and I have to increase the sound volume. But that's bad because when the action scenes start (shootings, explosions, etc.) the volume suddenly goes up like crazy and I have to turn the volume down, otherwise it can blow my eardrums up.
So, the question is - has anyone found a solution for this?


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Propably you earphones or speakers are broken or not inserted right into your computer.


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That's a problem with the movie industry. We all have those issues. Some devices, like Apple TV have settings that you can make to normalize the audio. I don't know if there's anything like that for Linux, or even other OSes.


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Seems to me I saw a normalize setting in VLC player;don't know how to apply that to youtube or other browser video....

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