making a bootstick for macbook pro 2008 unibody

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hello ...

does any one here ....
know how to make a usb boot stick on a linux ?
or windows xp pc ?

for a macbook pro 2008 unibody
without any thing a the hdd and the super drive
not operating

without another mac to make this stick
just those linux and windows xp pcs !

and a os 10.5.6 dmg on a usb stick ...

or do you know ...
where there may be some one knowing ?

it could as well be linux to install on this mac
but I heard ... that this is impossible on this model
with out having an os on the mbp first ...

or do you have any idea on how to do this ?

some mac forums ... I have tried

and as you can imagine
they do not want any thing to do with this idea ....



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Are you looking to just create a usb boot stick that you can use on your 2008 macbook that happens to have no hdd?

Use another pc, try the 'etcher' software:

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hi rob ....

well ... I am trying to use this mbp unibody some day .....
that has no formated hdd in it > ofcource no installation
no recovery possible !

and no other mac available to do any thing in this direction !

just some windows xp .... etcher does not support
and in the future a linux pc ... that is hopefully supported by etcher ?

with this I could formate this hdd with a sata adapter ?
pluged into the secondary ide ?

and then make a bootstick
that would install the os 10.5.6 on this hdd inside then ?

what do you think ?


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update ....

I have played around with the macbook pro more
and pressing alt + cmd + r + p has reset the pram

so now I can hear the chime at the start
and the pointer is now lower on down
but still moving

but nothing to choose from !!!
so it seems the efi chip in there is gone ?

so I can neither install a mac os nor any linux
as of now on this mbp unibody ....

does any one here know more about what to do ?


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some more news ...

after putting an efi partion on a new san disk plus 128gb ssd
with the help of an icy usb adapter
under windows xp

I could put the efi file of the knoppix live os in there

and all of sudden > when I start the mbp ... it does not show the ? any more
but goes black ... as if to want to boot from the ssd

and if I press the option key ... it does show a hdd graphic ... " windows " !

and if I put the pointer on this and press >
the same black screen follows ....

so it seems ... if I put the right os in some other partition
it may boot from there ?

but the firmware efi chip on the logic board definitly
needs to be replaced or a new firmware put into
with aple show how to do

but you need a running os first ?

because it should show a selection screen
on starting with " alt " ....

but I will just continue ...
and try to get it to boot the knoppix 7.2
or maybe install the un packed dmg 10-5.6 !


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