Make OS Based On linux


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First you need a idea what your os should do or for which people it should be made.
Then you have to choose a distro on wich your distro should base on(I would recommend arch).
Another question is if your distro should be a rolling distro or not.
You also have to choose a DE, a display-manager, a x-server etc.
You may also write special software for your distro, to make it a distro and not just a flavor.
Your distro also needs a need.
You can also make your distro more beautiful using themes or special configurations of for example your grub.


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Before you get too far along with this, you may want to go through the exercise of others trials.

This usually takes a day or two to go go thru (depending on many things, like how fast your computer/hard drive are)
But it gives a good perspective of what it takes to create your own Linux distro.