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mail fail to outer mail_address

Discussion in 'Mail Server' started by xun, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. xun

    xun Guest

    #  username:Linux
    #  send a mail to myself
    mail -s test Linux
    #  check for this mail
    when I send a mail to myself ,I can find this mail and it works well.

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    However,when I send a mail to a outer mail address,such as 163
    it doesn't work.
    I have trouble with it for days ,I need your help.
  2. VitalkaDrug

    VitalkaDrug Guest

    Which outer email do you try to use exactly? What is 163? 163 is not valid email address.
  3. xun

    xun Guest

    the above is my email address. when I excute the above and log in my email, i can't find the email.
    Howver,when I excute the above,I can find the mail in the mailbox.

    And the Mail Transfer Agent(MTA) of my local OS is "sendmail".

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