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ho letto che Luca pubblica su Telegram i suoi post e mi è stato consigliato di scaricare Linux per vederli.Come fare? non sono esperta di siti (data la ragguardevole età),
vieni tariffa? Tali informazioni vengono riprodotte anche su Linux e come trovarle? grazie a chi mi risponde.


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We are an international board so we ask that all post be in English [if you think your English is not very good , fine give it a try or use one of the translator programs [ DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator is recommended]

many of us are "old" so don't worry about your age

Linux is a Free to use family of operating systems if you need some advice we will need to know what equipment [make/model/specification] you are using as some builds work better than others on certain makes, It will also help if you tell us what your goal is [home computing, gaming, scientific etc]
members will make many suggestions But what we recommend is you download and run a selection of builds Live [without installing] to see which you prefer, Most builds will have the Italian option when you install.

in the mean time you could read this



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The translated post, according to DeepL, is as follows:

I read that Luke publishes on Telegram his posts and I was advised to download Linux to see them.How to do? I am not experienced with sites (given the considerable age),
come rate? Such information is also reproduced on Linux and how to find them? thanks to those who answer me.
Telegram runs on other OSes than just Linux, so while we'd be glad if you wanted to try Linux, you don't need to install it just to use Telegram.

Hope this helps.
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