Lubuntu 20.04 Have any tool or setting to configure an time to system flush data to disk ?


I am an new Linux user.
In windows i had used primocache where configure to be an write cache buffer for system partition using 256 MB for buffer and only writing data to disk when the buffer is full or when shutdown the computer. Is very good feature because avoid repeated write on disk.
With an 256 MB write buffer and in some hours NOTHING is writed in system partition was used only to load the system, antivirus, firewall and browse. In some hours the software display that the system tried to write more of 1 GB of repeated files (even selecting the browse temp cache to an ramdisk) and had used only 180 MB write buffer.
That feature help extremely SSD disks.
In Linux since that started the Lubuntu was write to disk 272 MB even not updating system or programs and not creating new files. I wait to avoid it.
I not see any disk cache software that allow to create and write buffer in RAM and select and time to defer write to disk.
Linux have integrated any feature or comand that allow to configure an time to system write data to disk ? If yes is possible configure to be exactly how I say above ? Is possible configure the write buffer ? Where I configure about it ?
The system is using BTRFS. IF that feature is possible using another file system please what is the file system used ?
Thanks very much for your help.

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