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Lubuntu 16.04 LTS Startup Sound.


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Hello everyone,

Not sure if this is the best place to share, so please direct me to a better sub if needed.

I have a friend that owns a very old laptop and Windows Vista had become basically unusable.I told him id fix it for free, but I'd be replacing the OS with a Linux Distro.All is good, I chose Lubuntu because of its Ubuntu-like gracefulness and light weight LXDE desktop environment.I really wanted him to be impressed with the new system, so i made it about as beautiful as you can make LXDE, but i wanted to make a custom startup sound for him. Apparently the majority of the community around Lubuntu doesnt like start-up sounds.Im no expert at all. I'm very noobie compared to most of you brilliant people here, so i was googling around all over for a way to make this thing play this darn audio file i made at start up.I did it.Got it working just like i wanted.The reason I'm making this post is because every forum i went to never had an answer.I dont want to make an account on all of those sites so i just wanted to post the solution on the front page of the internet for future people who may be facing the same problem.It was so simple and i feel silly..Lubuntu 16.04 LTS


Open LXDession Configuration. (Menu > Preferences > Default Applications for LXSession)

Go to Auto Start,Add a manual autostart script.All you have to do here is just us paplay... (i know, im retarded..)I put the .ogg file in /libThe default filemanager is PCmanFMopen terminal, sudo pcmanfmmove the file to the directory you like, copy that file locationpaste with filename following, and put paplay at the beginning.

So its this.. paplay /lib/mattstartup.ogg

Sorry i know this is a waste of time for most of you, but i really wanted to help anyone else in the future looking for the solution lol

Thank you!


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G'day quinton, and Welcome to linux.org

I have been using Linux for the past 4+ years.....Do not consider yourself noobie.......not at all.....you had me seriously thinking to keep up with you !!!

Well done.

I am sure that of the thousands of people who are members and the extra thousands that visit the site, will take note of your approach.....and possibly attempt to construct the same thing for different distros.

How is the laptop performing, and does your friend like what they now have ??......it may take them a while to get used to Lubuntu ?


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Count the Likes at the bottom of #1, Quinton ... 4 so far - 3 of us are self-proclaimed experts of one type or another, and one is a young fella I call "Young Sorceror" from Germany, who is growing in knowledge by the day.

(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke)

G'day @quinton77 and welcome to linux.org from another Aussie. :)

Tips and Tricks, and "How I solved This..." are an essential and welcome part of this Community, I hope you will find.

If you get a chance, swing over to https://www.linux.org/forums/member-introductions.141/

... and tell us a bit of the Quinton story, and meet a few more of The Gang :p

Cheers and Wizard over and out for my evening

Chris Turner


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(Wizard trundles off to bookmark this Thread, so as to appear more clever if people ask about custom sounds)


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(Wizard trundles off to bookmark this Thread, so as to appear more clever if people ask about custom sounds...)

followed by a few others, I dare say.....

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