low disk management on filesystem root


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Jun 5, 2020
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I'm a newbie in Linux, I'm running ubuntu 20.04 on oracle virtual box, while setting up Linux virtual machine, I've select dynamically allocated
I've allocated 10 GB space this VM
while installing some library or packages(that wasn't so big thou) I'm getting error like that "low disk space filesystem root"
then I've watched some videos on YouTube and there's a video on LVM
I've added 15 GB to virtual box first, then trying to add it to Linux and I guess without understanding I've created lvm2 of 16 GB and can't add it
in that video there's a command "vgdisplay" while I type it on command line no error nothing to show
I think may be there's no volume group to display, what will I do now
I mean I don't even know how partition works in ubuntu
cz while getting this type of msg on windows, I simply download any disk partition software and it automatically or easily I can add space to C drive from D drive
and I"m wondering is there anything or any type of software to do the same thing on Linux.. or actually what is LVM and how to I add space or something .... I just don't understand ...[long sigh]
can anyone help?
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