Looking to Start Linux - have HP Mini 210-1100 Laptop with Intel Atom N455@1,66MHz, 2Go of RAM, Hard Drive 250Go


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Aug 31, 2019
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Welcome to Linux.org's "Getting Started with Linux: Beginner Level Course". If you're new to Linux and want to find out how to use the fastest growing operating system today, all you have to do is follow these lessons and you'll be using Linux efficiently in no time.

Getting Started with Linux: Beginner Level Course is designed as a self-study course. One of the things that makes this course unique is that at any point during a course, you can add a note, or comment. This is done in the comments bar on the right hand side of the screen. These comments can be made public or private, and can take any form that you like. Feel free to use them to ask questions, answer other users questions, post code updates, or suggest different methodologies for solving problems.

Linux is a very popular operating system, and this course is followed by thousands of people each day. Due to this, there are a lot of people online who are also in the process of learning it. So please feel free to ask any questions that you have and someone in the Linux Community will probably answer you! Also, this whole site, including the courses are regularly moderated. If you don't get an answer to a question, we will do our best to answer it for you. In addition, please send us your suggestions for how we can improve the courses, any typos that you have noticed, or any errors that you have encountered.

If you're ready to start learning about Linux, you may start at our table of contents or you may want to jump right into lesson one What Is Linux?.
I'm probably not posting in the right place, Sorry for that! You may tell me if so and how and where to post?!? I'm new to the community and beginner with Linux. I want to learn and I want to do so on my second and old laptop. There are so many distributions I don't know what OS I can install? The machine is a HP Mini 210-1100 Laptop with Intel Atom N455@1,66MHz, 2Go of RAM, Hard Drive 250Go. Please direct my in the right place. Sorry for the writting, I'm french!

Gardouche the beginner
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