logging in using a one time sms code


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Dear Linux community,

I volunteer in a public library, and we have 5 linux computers.
We want to limit the usage time of the users to 30 minutes per day.
There is only one username and password and it is publicly known.

I thought about trying to combine a one time sms code to create this limitation: that users will send an sms message, receive a code via sms and be able to use it in order to use the computer for 30 minutes. something like this?

Maybe you have a better idea, or an idea on how to implement such a thing?
it can also be without an sms, as long as it is done in a way that does not require assistance from the volunteers [since some of them are old and not digital].

I saw this one as well:
but can it be applied to my situation?

Thanks! :)

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