Log-in window keeps cycling


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Oct 3, 2021
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Im using Linux Mint 20.1
Yesterday I removed the password protection from my user account. (only intended to remove it for a few days) I then shut down the computer, then just today on the welcome screen when I click ''log in'' it just cycles. Everytime I click login it just keeps going back to the same log in screen with the LM green logo. When I select ctrl +alt+f1 it asks for my password, when I put the password in, the one I removed, it just asks for it again. Im not sure what happened, a bug?

I feel like I need to maybe somehow get to the terminal to maybe add a new user or something? how do I get into safe mode then into the terminal? Or does someone have different advise.


Yeah, that looks like 'login loop' and the fix is pretty easy. Lemme just grab a link - as I'm on a bit of a time budget today.


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