Lockscreen doesn't go away and laptop freezes randomly for couple of minutes.

Oct 18, 2021
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I have a slight issue with my Debian based operating system and I'm not sure how to investigate the issue.

1. When the laptop is locked, i unlock it and sometimes the lock screen doesn't disappear. I'm using the GNOME desktop environment and i put a custom lock screen. I tried changing the splash screen to "none", but the custom splash screen is still there. When the screen disappears, i can click on the desktop, if a YouTube video is running i can pause it by clicking on the splash screen, but it doesn't disappear.

I have to restart the laptop (which happens for literally 3-6 seconds, logically and awesomely) and i noticed that when i change from one to another login screen, the issue doesn't appear for a while, but it still occurs eventually.\

It's not that often, but still often enough to slightly grind my gears.

(I'm talking about changing between those login screens)

I can reinstall the operating system and the issue won't happen again, but i want to know how this can be fixed the more difficult way.

2. The laptop freezes. The mouse cursor can be moved, but everything else is frozen. The computer unfreezes in 3-5 minutes and everything I've pressed, executes. In other words, if while the laptop is frozen i type in some letters in a field (i got to point at before the laptop freezes) I'll see the letter output after the laptop unfreezes.

Again - I'm sure that a fresh installation will fix it, but i want to investigate the issue properly.

Fun fact: although it makes no sense, the issue starting appearing after i did something.
That one evening i was staying on the laptop and i was trying different integrated applications that are specific for brute forcing networks and passwords based on different algorithms such as SHA. Everything was going well, i didn't change anything on the system and logically this shouldn't be the reason why the laptop is acting up a little bit.

However i cannot ignore the fact that I'm an amateur. I might've done something to it without knowing it.

This is why i need assistance from people that have more experience than I do.

- Anthony
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