Live USB freezes

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Jun 14, 2024
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My live USB froze while trying it. I was on Firefox and wanted to try my internet speed on speedtest and it froze. I tested the USB with CrystalDiskMark and the Read speed was 134MB. And the Write speed was 35MB. So maybe that's why it was freezing?

To better assist you, could you please provide the following details:

The specifications of your computer (CPU, RAM, etc.).
The version of Linux you're using and whether it's a standard distribution or a custom build.
Did you encounter any error messages before the freeze?
Have you experienced similar freezes with other live USBs or only this one?
Are you using any additional software or drivers that might affect performance?
Have you tried running the live USB on another computer to see if the issue persists?

Understanding these details will help us diagnose and troubleshoot the freezing issue more effectively.
What is the video card in that machine? We do need more info in order to be of much help.
How did you get CrystalDiskMark to run in Linux because it's windoze software.
Wine? I run Adobe Photoshop on Linux just fine. I've run quite a few windows softwares over the years.

I also use wine but I don't trust CrystalDiskMark...I tried it once and it didn't work...could get it to work in my win 7 VM which is a waste of time.
@linuxpenguin1234 - as you already have the same thread here and here and here and here - which is both incredibly stupid and incredibly rude...

What more do you think you are going to gain by asking us as a fifth forum?

Accept the answers you have been given so far, don't waste people's time, and commit to a full install of Fedora.

Or not.

Thread locked, and thanks to our Helpers, as always.

Chris Turner
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