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Linux wont install om my harddrive


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I just got linux on my laptop, and i press the install linux option and everything works fine. when the installation is done, i press restart, and plug out my flashdrive and it says «no bootable device» does someone know how to fix this?


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G'day @Hh03 and welcome to linux.org :)

I'll be busy a lot of today, but tell us what Linux you are using - name, version and DE (desktop environment)

eg Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon.


Chris Turner


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Hello @wizardfromoz i am using linux 19.2 cinnamon. It says that i already have linux mint 19.2 on my computer, because i have tried to download it before. I think the pc is mixing the flashdrive with the harddrive.


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G'day Hh03, Welocme to linux.org

Reboot again.

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