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Nov 10, 2018
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With the new version of grub, I have been finally successful at restoring dual boot to my uefi systems. I am still working with my mbr system, which is harder because partitions have to be defined as extended and manipulating them is a bit more of a challenge.

The biggest reason I use windows is outlook. I do not use outlook for email, but just for contacts and calendar.The outlook file is easily copied to the other computers in the home. I do not think that thunderbird contacts/calendar can so easily be copied and transferred.

Linux mint detects my printer. Some other distros do not.

I need to learn how to build a home lan for my computers with linux: a much more difficult endeavor than with windows.

Signing on to my bank account, I feel a bit safer on a linux system -- perhaps inaccurately so.

Thank you, wiz for your earlier encouragement.


G'day Len, thought I recognised the userid.

For the benefit of The Viewers and Helpers, Len had a Thread here

Thank you, wiz for your earlier encouragement.

Always welcome ;)

Len, I have a very rudimentary networking system in place, using SSH and OpenSSH, between the 3 or 4 rigs in our house, basically just a file-sharing setup, and relies on the computers being on, and then each one on the right Linux Distro ... not exactly a typical LAN. I can tell you about it if you wish, but I think it better to move this Thread to Linux Networking

... where the more qualified of my friends and colleagues can assist, and I can kick back and watch and learn.

Good luck.

Since the networking was a minor statement in the message, I will leave it here, but monitor the networking forum as you suggest

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