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I am trying to install Linux (Mint 19) under Oracle VM box on Windows 10.
While installing, the right hand side of the screen is not shown, which makes it difficult to proceed with the installation. The VM options do not allow the screen resizing so I am hoping that Linux installation would have an option to re-screen basically from 4:3 to 16:9

Any advises would be appreciated

PS The problem is less severe with Linux Mint 18
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@Linux-newbie can you post a screenshot? so we can take a look and make a better informed advice? I kind of remember having a similar issue with a CentOS VM few years ago, I don't remember how I solved it though. Have you installed expansion pack as well as vbox additions?


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Thank you for your response. Somehow, I have managed to correct the problem which was probably more in VM than in Linux. Don't ask me what solved it as I have been trying all sorts of things.

I still have many other problems with this Linux implementation but I will experiment before posting questions again. All have to do with the connection between VM, Linux and the host system (Windows 10)

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