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Linux Terminal for Learning


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Everything I do at work is pertaining to Linux.. everything I do at work I do in a terminal.. other than things we outsource like setting dns, etc.. which is all in a browser... or mail, etc..

There's a great ebook in my sig for $2.99 (yep, plug) which you should learn a bit, but i'd agree w/ the udemy course.. and really just getting access to a linux terminal and poking around.


can I use the terminal for learning Linux?
You can learn about the terminal by using Linux; you can't access it unless you're on Linux, right? And then you'll learn how your Linux works by using the terminal. I don't know exactly what you mean but if I'm understandig right, you want to learn some basic commands? Then I'd recommend this book which is great http://www.linuxzasve.com/preuzimanje/TLCL-09.12.pdf Want to learn about Linux system file structure? Check this site
https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/linux-file-hierarchy-structure/ and/or read here http://www.uobabylon.edu.iq/eprints/publication_10_17374_189.pdf What is Linux anyway? click here https://www.linux.com/what-is-linux Want to know about different Linux distros out there? distrowatch can help https://distrowatch.com/ Finally, if you want to learn about Linux google is a good start https://www.google.co.ve/search?q=learning+Linux&oq=learning+Linux&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i65j69i60l2j0l2.4031j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Hope this helps! :)

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