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May 2, 2023
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Hello everyone

I am learning Linux for the first time , I am trying to understand the concepts and run commands .

I am able to run basic commands and It is very challenging to learn industry way of doing things .

I am thinking if there are any training projects I can work on to gain practical knowledge will really boost my confidence in advancing to further concepts .

When I research I could not find anything to work on ( for most developers it is easy since they can build anything from scratch and learn )

When it comes to Linux without existing infrastructure it is very hard to practice anything .

I am looking for some help

You might like this site:

When it comes to infrastructure, you can generally practice with other networked computers or even a virtual machine. But, for now, maybe go through the linked site as I'm sure it'll contain stuff you don't already know. It's good enough to be recommended regularly.
Hello @Linuxboy.
Welcome to the forum.
The link @KGIII gave you is a good place to start.
Enjoy the journey!

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