Linux plus Pro XDR display?


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Dec 6, 2022
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I read where (allegedly) a package was built for windows that can set the controls for the Apple Pro XDR display. Thus far, the display worked on windows, but if any parameter needed to be changed, it had to be hooked up to a Mac again. This is third party info, as I haven't used any windows for about 20 years.

There is no monitor better for text than the XDR, and I use it with Debian inside of UTM and it works fine. But, I would instantly get one for my big Debian tower if it could be used properly. Even the best text monitor I can buy (which I have, over and over!!) for my Linux system looks like crap side by side with the XDR.

So... Anybody heard of such a utility being researched for Linux? Unfortunately, I haven't found an even a discussion of such as yet.

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