DNS Hijack Incident

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Yesterday afternoon around 5pm EST someone was able to get into the registrar account for our domain and point DNS to another server - as well as lock us out from changing it.

They pointed the domain name to a pretty rude page for most of the evening until Cloudflare stepped in and blocked the domain for us.

After a lot of back and forth with our registrar, we were able to get things back under our control. I'd like to point out that our server environment was not touched so there are no worries about your data.

We've gone over security protocols and are tightening things up that may have slipped through in the past.

Thanks for your support!

Eddie Paul Litz

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Okay, I hope that "tgat tgey" is blocked forever for good. I would sure hate for that to happen again to you guys. You guys are pretty much the only ones I can go to for Linux help.

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Hello Linux.Org,

Thanks to all who helped in solving this issue and securing and getting the forum up and running. :)

Lets find this SOB and Hang'em High from the roughest scrub oak tree, I've got rope. :mad:

Thanks to all who helped. :):cool::D
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