Linux on digital picture frame running S5L2010 cpu



Greetings! New to the site, but not so new to Linux. Currently running Ubuntu 12, so im somewhat familiar. Love it way more than windows, btw. Anyways, down and dirty. I have acquired a digital photo frame, and, in the pure spirit of DIY, immediately tore it apart. Upon so, I found at its heart an ARM9 processor (s5l2010). I then recalled reading an article on hackaday where a different digital frame was running Linux, and geeked out even more when I read the specs of my frames processor. To the question, is there a way I myself can achieve the same awesomeness? My frame has two USB ports (1 regular and 1 mini), an sd card slot, and even a headphone jack. This guy screams tiny personal computer, and it would he awesome to have it down in my workshop, making it all the more easier to program sketches to my arduino. I hate stairs. Anyways, any feedback at all would be useful! Just want to know where to start :)
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