Linux on an Asus ZenBook UX325EA i7 ?


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Hi everyone,
I'm about to order an Asus ZenBook UX325EA i7, with the intention of setting up a windows 10 / linux dual boot.
Does anyone know of any issues installing and running linux on this unit (most likely Ubuntu or Debian in my case)?
Would very much appreciate any useful feedback.
Thanks guys!


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Well I have read the Full specs [as available] { the engineers manual is just under 80 pages]
the ram it comes with is hard wired [soldered] the manual says up gradable so I assume there must be 1 standard ram slot [nothing mentioned in the engineers spec]
It has the latest standard wi-fi [but again no further information]
so my thoughts
wi-fi could be a problem to set up but not impossible
the integrated I series cpu/gpu should be ok with Linux Intel drivers
My feelings are your best bet for an OS is MX-19.4.1_x64 “ahs”, [ the ahs means Advanced hardware support, it has more and newer drivers than most]

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