Linux on an ancient XP Dell computer?




There's probably another thread for this but I wouldn't have found it, I'm brand new to this "forum" thing...
There's a really old XP windows computer that my dad gave to me. I'm a firm Mac user, but I want my own laptop, and after Vista I just....:mad: It made me switch to Mac OS X. However, because I got this XP computer, I'm going to get Linux on it, but which "flavor" should I get for it? I know it's free, but is there any specific one that's more compatible for old machines?
Also, let's say I just get Ubuntu 12.10 (If I wrote it wrong, I apologize ^_^). Again, I know it's free, but when a new one comes out, can I upgrade to that new one also for free? Completely?
I'd like to know because I have money to spend but if I don't have to I don't want to, understandably.
thanks for your time



Try antiX:
antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy to install linux live CD distribution based on Debian Testing for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems. antiX offers users the "antiX Magic" in an environment suitable for old computers. So don't throw away that old computer yet! The goal of antiX is to provide a light, but fully functional and flexible free operating system for both newcomers and experienced users of Linux. It should run on most computers, ranging from 64MB old PII 266 systems with pre-configured 128MB swap to the latest powerful boxes. 128MB RAM is recommended minimum for antiX. The installer needs minimum 2.2GB hard disk size. antiX can also be used as a fast-booting rescue cd.

At the moment antiX-12 comes as a full distro (c695MB), a base distro (c355MB) and a new core distro (c135MB) all for 486 (PI and K5/K6 AMD) and 686 kernels. For those who wish to have total control over the install, use antiX-core and build up.
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