Linux News: Apache Isn't Just About HTTP Anymore



From the 'Most Successful Open Source Foundation' files:

For many, the name Apache is synonymous with the most successful open source project of all time - the Apache HTTP Web Server. The Apache Web Server has dominated the web server landscape for the majority of the Internet Era, even as rivals (open source and otherwise) have attempted to make in-roads.

While the Web Server is primary to Apache, it's important to remember that it's only one project out of MANY. The Apache Software Foundation today issued a momentum release highlighted just how many project it has now and how large an impact it now has on a wide range of technologies.

There are no 104 Top Level Projects (TLPs) at Apache. That's a record number of actively developed projects for the foundation. For me, the big names are Tomcat which dominates the Java Application Server space and of course Hadoop, which is now the standard by which all other Big Data technologies are measured.

Looking beyond the 104 TLPs are 51 incubated projects (or Podlings) including big names like Wave (formerly Google Wave) and OpenOffice (formerly Oracle/Sun). The Apache Way provides a lifeline for those cast-off corporate effort to find new vibrancy and grow in a way that they would not be able too, anywhere else.

And let's not forget about the Apache HTTP Server, the one that I still think of as just 'Apache' after 17 years, it's still going strong. The Apache 2.4 release came out in February and it's just made of pure awesome.

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