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Linux for newbies.

Hello this is an introduction to linux for newbies from a newbie.
That is me, ROFL.
Ok my name is Bart my friends call me B4rtz4k, no not with the numbers of course.
This is 'Leetspeak'

Alternatively referred to as hakspeak and elite speak, leetspeak is a communications where a user replaces letters for numbers or other characters. For example, leet in leetspeak would become 1337. Below is our basic conversion tool to convert your text into leetspeak. Keep in mind there are hundreds of different ways that someone may speak leet; therefore, someone may use 5 or a $ to represent an S.
So Bartzak. Ok ok ok I wil continue, but this is something cool to know, i guess.
Especially for someone who is new to pc's and internet.
For me it started like 3 years ago when i bought my first laptop. Dont buy fujitsu siemens notebooks. Haha no serious after one year taking care of that thing it just broke for no reason. I still have that thing, I dont want to get rid of it because it still works but the motherboard is broken i guess, and it looks still very nice(took care of that notebook).
So I looked around and wanted that thing fixed but nobody could do a thing or i had to buy a new laptop, ja Duh, no way. I have this one and as a newbie or noob to the wonderous world of pc's i kept believing that i could find other problems than that the motherboard was broken. Why? and here it comes friends!!! I found a Ubuntu live cd. Wow nothing special u think. But then I was introduced to the world of Linux. How come that every store i went to with my laptop and payed 50 euro to check the thing to see what was wrong with it, that they say u better buy a new one but with the Linux Ubuntu cd i could actually do stuff again with my laptop.
This is my first encounter. But enough of that intro it's just to give u an idea of how I encountered linux and what philosophy lies behind it. That is that linux is great!!!!

Firts there are many OPERATING SYSTEMS that are based on linux. Remember this is a newbie speaking for newbies so that u will understand it like i had to learn.
Those Os's i.e. operating systems are for example Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Red Hat, Bactrack, Damn Small Linux, INX is not x, Puppy and so on.
There are alot of them.
How to get started: Instal a virtual machine on your desktop or laptop. Vmware or Virtualbox. These are user friendly programs to simulate a computer in a computer. Or if u have an old pc u can install it on that. Yes sometimes or mostly old pc can be used for installing linux Os's.
Now u need to look for your linux distribution of choice. I suggest u choose more than one for experimenting. This is made easy by the program LILI that is anLinux live usb creator, easy to use. u wil need an usb with let's say 4gig. This program put your distro on your USB key and then u can boot from it. Booting is like starting the operating system. If u look on the net for booting i wil find in almost every good explenation of that the sentence 'lifting yourself on oyur bootstraps' or so. This is not for here! I give simple explenation for getting started.
Now u have all the things i told u, i.e. Vm program + Lili and usb key.
Now u need your distro. Look on the internet for your distro i.e. Ubuntu, Linux Mint or whatever. U need the .iso, this is a bootable file. In other words the startup file. Download this and save. You can not install this in windows like other programs. That's where the virtual machine or Lili and your usb key comes in handy.
Now Start the vitual machine, look on you tube for detailed explenation of how that works but mostly it is just installing and clicking NEXT, NEXT, NEXT, till instalation is finished. (Thats why I want to learn linux because by clicking and clicking I dont know what my pc does, I need to now what's happening!!!) In your VM install the .iso file and boot the computer in the computer. Most Linux distro's have the ability to start as live cd. This is like trying it out. If you got the Os working u can either try or install. In your VM u can install and save it to your virtual hard disk. Voila u can go experimenting and see what linux is all about
Ok Now The neat program Lili is for those who have a old pc and want to turn it in a fun thing. Insert your usb key in your pc and format it. Start Lili, this is very simple. You can either download a linux distro thru lili or load your linux iso that you have saved on to your pc. Also this is click, click, click, click. and finished. But hey there is a fun thing waiting after that. Now start your old pc with the Usb key attached and press emidiatly on the escape button or F8 or F12 to get to the boot menu. U should first google how to boot from usb. I will explain this first. Every pc has an setup option on startup this is the boot menu. U need to press some key's to get to this menu right after u press the power on button. TIP press the pause key on ur keyboard for to read the info on the screen because it goes fast and is almost not readable. Press again with the menu button afterwards. If u fail just restart and do it again till you get in the menu. Look for the tab boot options. there u need to set the removable device or usb key in the first place i.e. before the hard drive. Exit save and then restart. With your usb key that you made with Lili (it's like a little elf that name loool) attached to the pc and the pc starting quickly press the key to get in the boot menu and then select your bootable usb key, press enter. If everything oes right it will boot your distro? VOILA have fun.

I want to learn linux because the fact that Windows is to simple. Like I told u it's just click, click, click and hup. No I need to now more than that and in time i want to do that clicking all by myself or change the whole Graphical user interface to my liking.
Hope this helped some people out
Kind regards Bart and lift urself of your bootstraps, ja Duh




Firts there are many OPERATING SYSTEMS that are based on linux. Remember this is a newbie speaking for newbies so that u will understand it like i had to learn.
Those Os's i.e. operating systems are for example Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Red Hat, Bactrack, Damn Small Linux, INX is not x, Puppy and so on.
Very good. However, Ubuntu, Arch, Debian, Fedora, etc. are all different distros (flavors) of GNU/Linux. Technically, they are all the same OS (Linux); they are just different flavors of the same OS.

Just in case you have wondered why some articles/posts/etc. use "GNU/Linux" and others use "Linux" -

GNU/Linux refers to the whole system, both the kernel (Linux) and the userland (GNU). The Linux kernel can be used with other userlands as in Google's Android OS (Dalvik/Linux). Also, different kernels can be used with GNU as in GNU/Hurd.

Linux is often used as a synonym for GNU/Linux, but technically, Linux is just the kernel. I often make the mistake of saying "Linux" when I should say "GNU/Linux".

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