Linux Network Aliasing



Hi all. So Im working on a project right now and im having trouble working through a problem hoping someone here with a little more linux experience can point me in the right direction. So im trying to make an IP alias for an Ath 6k NIC, which isnt that hard. However, I need the original (Ath0) interface to stay in master mode while the alias (Ath0:0) switches into managed mode. Basically im trying to keep the interfaces ability to stay as a wireless access point while being a host on another network. This way I can share internet across them. And no there is no other NICs on the host so I can't just use a different interface and bridge them.
Thanks in advance for the help,

IP aliases are an old BSD/Unix concept and are unnecessary on Linux. You can put an arbitrary number of IP and IPv6 addresses on any interface. The BSD style alias syntax is available but deprecated, they aren't really separate interfaces. You can't send packets in/out same interface. You might consider setting up more than one access point (ESSID) on same interface, it is possible with most hardware.

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