linux mint install problem



i am a linux noob but have long wanted to install/use linux because of the many good things i heard about it.

for my initial venture into the linux fold, i decided to install linux mint 13 in my old dell inspiron 9300 (dual core, 2mb ram, 60gb hdd).

using the dvd installer, i got a garbled splash screen when i booted from the live cd/dvd (i chose option 1: install linux mint).

i next tried option 2 (install with compatible mode). it finished installing but when i restarted, i got the garbled screen again.

i went to the linux forums site and searched for possible sources of and solutions to my problem. almost all said it was video card incompatibilities, and they suggested steps to take.

the problem is that i am an absolute noob and do not know how to follow their suggested solutions. how do i, for example, edit the grub file if i cannot start the OS to start a terminal session (or maybe the kernel has started but i can't read what is onscreen)?

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