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Linux Mint 22 Release Delayed Due to Nasty Bugs!


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Jan 13, 2024
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Ever since Cinnamon 6.2 came out, the race has been on to ship the upcoming Linux Mint 22 “Wilma” release, with the best levels of refinements possible during the phase of development.
If you didn't know, it is a long-term support release (until 2029) based on Ubuntu 24.04, and is a big one for the developers to get up and running on schedule.
Sadly, they have hit a nest of bugs that have pushed its release date further.


Moving this to Linux Mint.

I found ubuntu 24.04 it self quite buggy and I'm sure there are many things for the Mint team to figure out. But one good thing is they are working on it so the finished project should be good. If I'm not mistaken they are also trying to transition to Wayland though not sure it will be default by final.
Once the bugs are fixed, it will be great as the rest.
I look at the bugs, daily.

I am still of the opinion that a great many, if not the majority of them, have been passed down from Ubuntu. Ubuntu has a lot to answer for......they have been in the game for long enough to turn out a better effort than 24.04
Hence, Clem's move with LMDE6. Being closer to the fray, he sees the writing on the wall much more clearly than us.

Ubuntu's motives, if they have any, are beyond me. It also cements in place my attitude toward Linux Mint....I will stay there at least until 2029. The possibility of my staying there beyond that is quite high....but as always, time will tell.

Clem and the team there will work away, diligently, untill all the obstacles are done away with.

Of course, in the midst of their work they encounter crap such as this:

It is to be noted that the team working on bugs etc, etc is small, but dedicated.
Clem's move with LMDE6.
I have been using Mint on at least one machine since Mint 3 was issued. I still have mint 21 on one of my desktop drives [kept updated every month] yet, I haven't used it since LMDE 6 hit the shelves, I find LMDE slightly lighter and faster without the added bloat of Ubuntu behind it.
Brian, I have a smallish job to do tomorrow......that will be to reinstall LMDE6 on a second ssd in my main tower....although I may even install it alongside LM21.3.... might be more easily accessible that way....hmmm
it was installed on there quite successfully until a week ago or so when I tried to swap ssd's from one pc to another....and the whole thing went sideways....not sure why, but had no inclination or time to sort it out so I just formatted both of them, reinstalled LM22 on the second ssd and it is running quite happily on a pc which I have christened the 'dumpster pc'....because that is where it came from.

I have experienced a number of differences between LM21.3 and LMDE6.....not problems....just differences...and being a creature of habit I need to spend a couple of days "fitting" my usual habits into lmde6....in other words setting it up completely to suit me. I use my pc for more than just browsing Linux.org

I will probably open a thread when I am done, and give a blow by blow rundown from my perspective

My initial 'take' on lmde was good. Certainly quick. How it shapes up when I have loaded it with all my 'crap' remains to be seen.
in other words setting it up completely to suit me.
yep, I have added the extras I need to my LMDE,
I have said it before with Linux you find 20 people using the same distribution, but by the time most Linux users will have chopped and changed bits to suit themselves then you would be lucky to find 2 running exactly the same version of the distribution
Mint has been a solid and dependable distro since it's introduction. LMDE 6 is great also. Problem with mint is Ubuntu it's 6 month release no matter what schedule, doesn't give their devs time enough to fix many bugs. And so when they release it seems more and more that it's buggy. Which mint team does a great job of fixing. I won't go into all the choices ubuntu has made over the years that make it harder and harder for Mint team to reconcile it as a base for Mint, But will say I think mint's future may be with LMDE. Just my opinion. In any event Mint manages to put out a solid distro which ever base they use.

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