Linux is great. Time for me to give back to the community if I can


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I started my career supporting asterisk boxes, now looking in Los Angeles to hire those with burgeoning interest in tech: I was blessed to work with great companies and great people who started me elbow deep in hardware building CentOS servers to configure as business phone systems as a young man. The core skills in networking, hardware and software troubleshooting, and security have given me a pretty successful career. Now I am growing a very exciting 3D printer company and looking to bring on support reps who already know how to, or are interested in learning how to, fix file permissions when upgrades change them. If you like solving problems for others like poking holes in software firewalls so our applications will work I'd love to chat. If you have trouble with a 3D printer, or an old issue on an asterisk box, I can probably help with that too.

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