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Linux + Games + Intel Graphics #Solved-Solution is Windows for Games o/


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What is the best option for Steam games on an Intel Graphics? My favorite distro (Arch Linux) does not meet my needs after I changed PCs, before I had Nvidia and AMD FX, today I am on Core i3 Intel Graphics.
I need one that works well with intel hd as most give me fatigue when installing and not having the correct resolution of my screen and bass FPS (CSGO) and other Steam / OGL
I am not looking for ease on Linux, but on this hardware I am resolved that I only install one that makes it easy, (driver, configuration for better performance, mesa etc.)
Which distro can help me in this case? Is there a solution for my hardware?
Of course, on this hardware and Windows I play CSGO, Day of Infamy, Insurgency, and many other Half-Life derivatives of my Steam account, but on Linux these games suck.


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You are not going to get the graphics performance from an "on-board" GPU that you will from a discreet GPU. Intel will not match the performance of even a "middle of the road" GeForce or Radeon.
Most modern distro's (Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, etc..) all have nVidia and AMD video driver options.
Some come with the open source nouveau drivers, but you can still install the proprietary drivers.

Which distro you use wont make much difference. (Some have more gaming options than others).
The video card you use will make the biggest difference, and the correct video drivers will also make a big difference. I know Fedora has intel-video drivers for X11 (possibly wayland also)
but even with these drivers installed, you wont get great video performance.


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Of course I am not ignorant enough to think that an omboard can perform, I said that on Windows my Steam games work well with omboard and I was wondering if anyone knew any solution or distro that would make it easier to configure this omboard as well as it works on Windows or at least it looks alike, even though I know more than 30 types of distributions and recognize that I'm still learning, I thought someone would know something I don't know yet.
Ok, it's decided then, I give up games on Linux, if I buy a VGA I think of Linux again .. thanks for the help.

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The issue isn't Linux exactly and it's not onboard vs add on. It's Intel specifically. They don't make drivers for Linux. AMD and Nvidia do. If you go to the Intel Graphics Drivers Download page, you'll see the last time they made a Linux driver was in 2010.
I have a decent Nvidia card on my Linux laptop and I game on it all the time. I only boot to Windows for 1 game, all the others run great on Linux. If you can, you should buy an Nvidia or AMD card.

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