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@dcbrown73, I merged your thread with this one as this thread already exists.

I'm kinda surprised that I remembered and was able to find it!
@KGIII I'm going to have to issue you a warning for bumping old threads. ;) :p

You see that? That was a funny. :p
LOL We try to keep these types of threads together, and for good reason. Sometimes they get pinned so that they're in constant view, but not this one. I think it may have been at one time.
For those who aren't aware or aren't paying attention. Robert Picardo and Brent Spiner (in the tweets below) are Star Trek alum.

Skirty, skirt skirt.

In other news. The Navy was seen conducting testing on their latest Top-Secret Long-Range, Air Refuelable, All-Terrain, Hybrid, Battle Crewed, VTOL, Tilt Rotor Support Vehicle.
While funny, is it really a *Linux* funny?

Meh... I ain't that picky and we don't have a generic funny thread anywhere, inasmuch as I know.

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