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Linux Forum Android app now available!

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Rob, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    You can now peruse through LinuxForum.com from your Android device!

    Check in at LinuxForum.com where ever you are!
    With Linux Forum Mobile, you can access our Linux forums and articles directly from your Android device!
    - Send and receive PM's
    - Access and post to the most recent discussions
    - Read and post to Linux articles
    - View forum user profiles
    - Customize your mobile account anywhere, anytime

    App link: market.android.com

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  2. Very nice :) Did you get that custom made or did it come with vBulletin?
    I wish I had an Android device, however I only have an iPod Touch. You should consider adding Tapatalk support to the forum.
  3. MustangV10

    MustangV10 Guest

    That's pretty cool, might increase activity here since people can access on the go. Good work.
  4. Rob

    Rob Guest

    We bought the addon from vbulletin.. I do have some complaints about it.. but it is nice.
  5. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Exactly.. thanks.

    Did you download it?
  6. Tapatalk would be a great idea for the Linux Forum. Sometimes, when I'm not near my computer, I feel as if for convenience, I should be able to post on this forum using my iPod touch. The site takes a while to load at times, but this would be a great addition though.
  7. Rob

    Rob Guest

    yep - we're on tapatalk ;)
  8. cluckis

    cluckis Guest

    Great to hear your on tapatalk, i'll actually have a reason for downloading it now. Is there a straight mobile site as well, just want to know fr me and my outdated (in more than one way) blackberry? Also, I'm new here and would like to say this is a very nice forum, good job :p
  9. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    Another Tapatalk worry - Doh!

    Thanks for letting me know that I have NO life :p
  10. Melissa

    Melissa Guest

    Hi! I was wondering is the app available for iPhone as well? I really only use my Android for work so I'm not on it much. Thanks!
  11. I am currently posting from the application and can confirm it is functional. The UI isn't something to go crazy over and I wish it had a dark theme and meshed better with ICS, but it works.

    It has almost all the functionality of the desktop version of the site.
  12. Rob

    Rob Guest

    (I actually like the Tapatalk version better) ;)

  13. GoinEasy9

    GoinEasy9 Guest

    I just installed the app. I guess I'll try it out at work tomorrow. I'm on the desktop today.
  14. najd

    najd Guest

    hi all
    i always fail to login through the app !
    i get " connection error. Please try again later" :( thought my connection is up !
    even " skip for now" is taking me to the same end.
    could some1 help , pls.?
  15. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Yeah, actually.. that's probably broken now :) It was for our vbulletin version of the forum. You're better off using Tapatalk to connect to the site if you're going to use an app.

    Sorry about that :)
  16. Kaimanasmith

    Kaimanasmith Guest

    That's quite a great update...LF would become more handy after this...
  17. Rob

    Rob Guest

    OK - now you can find Linux.org on tapatalk.. 'linuxforum.com' won't work currently...
  18. nixsavy

    nixsavy Guest

    That' s good news !! I can hold linux.org in my SAMSUNG S3 :)
  19. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Yep! I love tapatalk.
  20. Mandapanda82

    Mandapanda82 Guest

    I keep getting error that says it disabled in tapatalk

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