Linux distros don't work!


Ryan Atkinson

AMD A4-3300 APU
MSI A55M-P33 Motherboard

I've been trying to get my desktop running Linux for many months now, and can't find a single Distribution that works, besides Slitaz and Lucid Puppy. I've tried Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Crunchbang, and a few other distros. Most of them go past Grub and into the loading screen but don't get any farther than that, and some of them don't boot at all. I was able to get Ubuntu into the desktop, but Unity didn't load so it was just blank.

I tried changing the architecture types as well. I'm very confused! Thanks to anyone who can help!



Ram and graphics?

You installed the graphics drivers? Used the latest kernel for that APU?

Ryan Atkinson

Graphics: Radeon Dual integrated graphics
RAM: G.Skill F3-12800CL9D-GBRL

Forgive me for my lack of experience, but how do you install the drivers without booting? And no, I haven't done that. Where would I find the Kernel for my APU?


Was gonna say, that i had a problem at first with my laptop, where the distro would show that its starting up, and start loading, but then when it got to the desktop, the screen would go black. It was a simple brightness issue, where once the computer loaded up XORG, the brightness was completely turned all the way off. All i had to do was press the FN + brightness key to turn it back up, and there was the desktop. Not sure if this is your issue, but it sounds familure.


Maybe re-partitioning the linux partition, I use partition type: EXT4, upon most setup screens you have choices of how to setup, choose :something else and then manually re-partition the dedicated partition to ext4 and choose mount point: / , pay attention not to format a partition with essential files that you need.

I was reading briefly, does a live CD/USB work?

Darren Hale

If it is secure boot some distros may require that it is tuned off in the UEFI Bios settings????????

Then again why would old Lucid Puppy work???????????

I guess check UEFI settings if that is what your bios is.


Some more information on the computer may be of service.

Sounds like a graphics problem, hard to say with such a generic response from the OP.



I am HUGELY grateful to you for offering your solution to a problem I couldn't, for the damned life of me, fix.
So thanks a million times over. And, to be honest, I came veeeeeeery close to not even taking your advice seriously (no offense), as I thought there's no way that turning up the screen brightness will solve my problem. But damn... well, I can't believe it worked. So, once more, thanks! ...far more than you'll ever know.

PS - I created this account just to show you my appreciation.

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