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Linux distro for Lenovo Flex 2 14D (Title edited)



(Notice: post has been edited due to wrong computer spec.)


I've recently bought a Lenovo Flex 14'' Lenovo Flex 2 14D'' laptop and would like to install a Linux distribution on this laptop.

I will use the computer for:
  1. Numerical analysis/Scientific computing
  2. Statistical analysis of large data sets
  3. Statistical computations
  4. Writing reports in LaTeX
Do you guys have any suggestions on a distro that might be suitable for this?

My concerns are that the computer will stop working or similar.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


The system on the Lenovo Flex 14'':
  1. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz.
  2. No. 1 above is a 64-bit based processor.
  3. Ram 8.00 GB.
  4. Hard disc space: 500 Gb. (Not stated in original post)
  5. OS: Windows 8
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I have had a lot of success with Debian on all the Lenovo laptops I have owned and the IBM ThinkPads when they still owned the line. May I suggest trying out a Debian Live C/D or USB prior to installing this or any other Distro.


Thanks Guys for helping me out.

Following rstanleys advice I tried various live distros and finally ended up with Fedora 22 workstation. I'd say the operative system (this far) is of exceptional quality and the installation process where incredible simple (and fast!).

I'll make sure to update the thread after some weeks with a more through full review of how the OS works w.r.t. the laptops hardware.

/ Gus

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