Of course this is a male dominated field! 79% of people doing Computer Science at University are male.
I have suggested careers in computing to some of my daughter's friends only to be told "that's boring" and "money isn't everything" .

Then they get a mortgage and then realize money is the only reason why people go to work.

Interestingly more women go into STEM subjects in poorer countries where women don't have so many choices. Computing is simply not an area that many women are attracted to. Generally women are more interested in interpersonal relationships than things so unless you force women into STEM subjects there will never be gender equity in the computer industry.

Fight the SJWs, they know not what havoc they bring.

Sorry folks, having several new guys come onto this forum (from wherever) and start rants about Linux politics bores me. Our admin @Rob may choose to enforce some discipline into such threads, but for my part I will not participate further in these discussions beyond this post.

We will not solve the world's problems here, nor the politics within the kernel dev community. This community is not that community.

I hope that our regular users here will help by not feeding the flames. With no one to argue with, this may pass quickly. Thanks!


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