Linux DevOps editor?


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I am a windows type (Installshield\Jenkins), trying to learn Linux to become more marketable.

A course on Udemy says that Vim is the editor to use for Linux Administrators (need to know this), because you can always count on it being there. If I do online searches today, it is not the top listed editor, sometimes not even near the top of the list. How many old Linux systems are around, that would not have any other editor besides Vim? Personally, in my studies to date, I think that it is convoluted and complicated. Is all Linux DevOps\Administration work done at the basic Vim editor level, or is the VIM GUI (is there one), used?


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Vim is quirky eg to finish and write is :wq nano is much easier once you understand that upside down v means control key ..was on phone no ٨ on phone .i've edited linux config files the only one i think vim is recommended for is to edit sudoers


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I know a lot of people that use pico or something like Pluma (GUI mode)

But vi/vim in the standard, once you master it, you can't beat it.
No other tool (on any OS) and copy, paste, edit, character replace, word replace, line replace,
character-count replace, context-switch, or find and replace as fast as vi/vim.

Some people still like emacs. :)


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vi/vim is the way to go.. it's installed on every *nix system. You may be seeing some gui editors pop up lists like atom or something as well - they've caught on a bit, but only text based would be the choice when connected to most remote systems.
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