Linux Desktop with Distribution and Release Displayed in the lower right corner


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Nov 24, 2021
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Is there a module for permanently displaying the distribution and the current release in the lower right corner of the desktop please?
Thank you very much?

There's a few ways you could approach this.

You could have a very 'minimal' Conky running that simply displays distro release & current kernel, set to display at your preferred location.

You could install, and configure gKrellM to generate a very minimal display, with just Linux release & hostname. Again, this can be set to display wherever you want it, and by configuring the 'sticky' display state and checking the 'remember position and return to it' checkbox, it will always show in the exact same location every time.

Alternatively, you could create a wee bash script to display a borderless YAD-based infobox with whatever text you want to put in it......set to fire-up at boot-time.

Myself, I'm a graphics 'nut' of long-standing, and always build my desktops completely from scratch. Making use of a locatable, GIF display utility built by fredx181 of the Puppy Forums, every one of my Puppy desktops has one of these in the lower left-hand corner:-


.....with my 'running Puppy' endlessly romping across the desktop..!

Choices galore, mate. That's one of the many beauties of Linux.....there's always a way of doing what you want.

Mike. ;)

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