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when i download pics the first box prefills the pictures file-then next box asks options-ie-do i want to overwrite old file-do i not etc-when i ck the do not overwrite then nothing is downloaded-so i ck yes overwrite old file and then next box/s show two pics at a time and asks same question-at first i thought this would erase some old pics but i cked and didnt happen-so i got thousands of pics in this one giant file-i finally found pix and see there are catalogs where each time i download a new file is created-as in windows 7 which i like-sooo is there anyway to stop this process of endless question boxes bout overwriting the old file???i download security cams from my yard and my propery-thousands of pics-mostly useless-i use a diff pc to do the ones that time lapse cause it has windows 7 and is easier and im used to it-but i would like to bee able to use the linux pc as its faster and hooked to internet-i am installin mint 19.3 when the ck gets here next week on the old win 7 machine on a seperate hardrive-any tuetorials-solutions or adice is most welcome


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yes -it fills in the first line where it says destination-/home/samuel/pictures next line says -event-next line says tags---has a box for delete the imported files from the source---den on the next page it has 5 options---1overwrite the old file with the new one-2 do not overwrite the old file-3 overwrite all files--4 do not overwrite any file 5-save the new file as [img.662] next it show two pics-i did a test w 2 pics and asks again do i want to overwrite the old file-its crazy--- sooooo i have catalogs that i use like i did in win 7 with thumbnails-every time i download is a catalog in linux and win 7 was a file i named but none of this overwrite stuff-i thought if i clked on overwrite this old file it would delete a pic to add-stupid but its what i thought-i bought a laptop w win 8.1 just to ck out the pictures stuff and cause i need when traveking and its sucks-win 8.1 is bs-my opinion-win 10 they forced on me in a update and i went back to 7 the next day-i like linux-i can do the command line-i wrote code in college back in the late 70s-fortran-i just dont get the overwrite stuff-sorry for the long answer


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i download security cams from my yard and my propery-thousands of pics-mostly useless- save the new file as [img.662]
Looks like you have a folder with a lot - 662 at least - images/pictures you've saved from your security cameras, is that correct? If you don't want or can't delete pictures from that folder maybe you should try renaming that folder i.e pictures.old, that way next time you download/save a new picture/image from your security cameras, the program you use to do that will create a new one and save your pictures/images in there, since there are no pictures in this new folder it won't - it shouldn't - ask about renaming, deleting or overwriting anything. You might give this a try and see it that works.
Hope this helps! :)

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