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Jun 22, 2020
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Good evening,

What is a really good book or tutorial for learning how to use Linux Mint 20?? I am a "newbie" using Linux software and I need to start at the very beginning learning how to use Linux Mint 20. Any help or suggestions for learning how to use Linux Mint 20 software is GREATLY appreciated!!

Doug Olson

G'day Doug and Welcome to Linux.org

I am sure there will be others here who will point you to the latest and greatest piece of reading material

That wont be me.

First....install and set up Timeshift. It should actually be already on the OS. All you may need to do is aset it up, so it saves a few snapshots of your system.....so you can restore it IF/WHEN you screw it up and end up reaching for the brandy bottle

Timeshift will save your bacon.
Save the snapshots to an external hard drive.

Then PLAY with LM20....to your heart's content....knowing that Timeshift has your back if something goes south.


Setting it up?

**go to Menu....type in Timeshift....and it will be there.**

Settings...select RSYNC

Location...select where you will store the snapshot/s (external hard drive is preferable)

Schedule...if you have a drive with plenty of space you can elect to save several snapshots.....or just keep one or two...

Users...Include All

Filters...under the + icon select both lines

Thats enough....go back to main screen of Timeshift, and select Create

grab a coffee.....5 minutes approx...maybe a bit longer seeing this will be the first snapshot....maybe 10 minutes.

Now......if something goes south while you are trying changes etc etc, all you need to do is access Timehsift, click on restore, and go grab another coffee.

Your system will be returned to whenever the snapshot you have chosen to restore, was taken.

If you have really screwed up, you can boot your pc to your thumb drive with LM 20 on it...access Timeshift on that .......it will have the snapshots on there for you to restore to.

Now.......you can change things without fear of losing your shirt !
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Ditto Condobloke. Linux is made to be broken. Use it, abuse it, then put your arm around it. 2 laptops running Mint and Timeshift is a great feature, on 1 laptop I actually want to keep it the way it is set up. On the other....ooopps, reinstall. If you can pick up a used laptop that works, use it to try things or different distros.

That is how I found Peppermint and MX are both to my liking. So 2 other laptops I grabbed each for 100 bucks are running both respectively. On the Peppermint it is Dell Insiprion 11.5 inch touch screen Lap / Tablet, I actually used it to watch Ohio State football games thru Firefox to HDMI to TV. Easier in the back of my house then paying for a cable box.
The best way to learn Linux is to use Linux and the more you use Linux the more you will learn Linux.

Yep I've busted my share of Linux distros trying out how to do stuff and learned a lot about what not to do that way.
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Welcome @DougOlson ,
Linux Mint is one of the best distros to transition to from Windows.
I have been using LM since version 17 or so. Running LM 20.1 Ulyssa presently.
Please do what the guys before me have suggested to you. What they have told you is the best way to learn LM.
When questions pop into your mind, write them down and present them here on the forum. Believe me, you will learn more that way than in a dozen books.
Please be ready with some stats about your cp so those who help will have a base from which to start helping you. Make, model, etc.
Once again, Welcome!
Old Geezer, Tango Charlie
G'day and welcome
Heed what the fellas have said and you will be fine.
As for myself I be running on LM 19.2 Tina with the cinnamon Desktop at the moment and since it is a Linux distro most books dealing with Linux in general will assist you to learn about LM 20 as there is a lot of commonality with the distros.
Here are three of what I have for referencing when I want to do something also the The Debian book is very relevant for LM as It is based on Debian via Ubuntu.

My advice is to install Mint 20.1 as 20 has bugs, you don't say if it's Cinnamon or Mate you want to install.

The best way for me was install it on a spare Drive and play around with it, if anything goes wrong...no harm done and need help just ask. ;)
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Or Xfce, Sam :)

OP hasn't had a look here since he posted the first thread 16 days ago. We are likely talking to ourselves.

we often do that here.....
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@DougOlson ... if you are still around?

I have found this, but I cannot recommend it or otherwise, as I have not read it


It is an e-book, and the price shows to me as $39.94 but I cannot say whether that is AUD or USD, someone else may shed some light on that.

The description for the book shows as

Linux Mint 20 (Ulyana) is based on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTR (Long Term Release). The Cinnamon and Mate desktops are examined in detail. Cinnamon and Mate have custom Mint menus to manage access to applications and devices. Advanced components are also examined such as the LightDM Display Manager, Warpinator, Timeshift, NetworkManager, the Samba server, and Mint software management applications (Software Manager and Update Manager). The Linux Mint X-Apps are also reviewed, including Xplayer, Xed, and Xviewer. Administration topics include system tools, managing users, file systems, Bluetooth setup, printer configuration, and network folder and file sharing. In addition, configuration of wired and wireless connections, firewalls, and service management using systemd are covered. Shared resources are also examined, including the CUPS printing server, the NFS Linux network file server, and Samba Windows file server.

Good luck.

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I have a laptop Lenovo G500 and a laptop Asus X541U. Both have dual boot win 10 / mint . The problem is HDMI for both. I can't use hdmi for tv smart or for projector. when i connect the cable just see the desktop for linux mint ,without icons and is it freeze. help me with some tricks and info.
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