Laptop randomly turning off after lid is closed


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Feb 27, 2023
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Hello everyone,
I am seeking assistance with a persistent issue that I am experiencing with my GD8000 laptop. Whenever I close and reopen the laptop lid, it goes to sleep mode after around 20-30 seconds. If I wake it up, it goes back to sleep again. This issue occurs on every desktop environment that I have tried, except for KDE Plasma. Additionally, it doesn't seem to be related to the distro I'm using, as I have observed the same issue on Debian, Ubuntu, Pop-OS, Manjaro, and other distros.
I have tried adjusting the power settings to prevent the laptop from going to sleep when the lid is closed, but it still persists. Currently, I am using Fedora 37 as my distro.
I would appreciate any suggestions or solutions to resolve this issue. Thank you for your help!

G'day @microbit and welcome to :)

Given the range of distros you listed above that this problem applies to, it seems to me that the problem is likely to do with a setting in your BIOS Setup Utility or can be adjusted with a function key.

Do you have the Manual? A PDF can be downloaded from here, and searched through

It says

From the Power Saver or DynaPower utilities, you
can configure the Power Button, Sleep Button (FN+F3) and Lid
Switch to initiate any of the low-power states.

or you could enter the BIOS Setup Utility and take a look there.

Chris Turner
Sadly there doesn't seem to be any solution for the issue in the BIOS. However, it is worth noting that the issue does not occur when using KDE. Perhaps there is a log file that I could share with you guys that might shed some light on the problem. Thank you for your help!

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