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Laptop For Online PC Games

Discussion in 'Laptops / Netbooks' started by Ja'cobeC, May 24, 2012.

  1. Ja'cobeC

    Ja'cobeC Guest

    Is there a certain laptop for playing PC? I mainly play online shooting games or adventure games. My Aspire Acer is to slow that it lags really bad. Help me out please!

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  2. dale

    dale Guest

    Laptops used for gaming tend to have better graphics card, but you don't need to buy a specific product line just for gaming.
  3. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    Perhaps you would want to try with HP laptops. I have HP 550 laptop,which I bought like 3 years ago. I can still play many online games on it,and they run really smoothly. I never had any problems with it( thank God !).
  4. mudrock

    mudrock Guest

    Not really a certain laptop for gaming but like the previous poster stated, you need a good graphics card. I personally would not look at anything below a quad processor. You can't go wrong with a Thinkpad or Lenovo.
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  5. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    fyi I play World of Warcraft everyday for many hours using my old laptop. It runs on an old Celeron microprocessor at a very slow 1.2Ghz. The graphics chip is onboard. An old model ATI. I use Windows 8 to play World of Warcraft. I can get up to 50fps. That's very playable. Even 30fps is good enough.

    Of course, I would love to play World of Warcraft on a new gaming pc. The point I am trying to make is that you can still play games on old, low-specced machines. With the right tweaking.
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  6. dale

    dale Guest

    You got Windows 8 running on an old Celeron powered laptop? Wow...
  7. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    Actually I installed Windows 8 because I heard that it's light on hardware resources. That's true. Then I made it even lighter by using Game Booster to shutdown everything that I don't need before I launch the game. With all addons disabled I could go up to 70fps. However any speed above 30fps is not really noticeable because our eyes and hands don't move that fast.
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  8. dale

    dale Guest

    Didn't know it can be that light though. Thanks! Learnt something new. :)
  9. In the laptop world, you do. Laptops are not the best gaming computers, and I think that you should get a desktop if you want to game, but the best gaming line of laptops is the Alienware line.
    No. Just no. HP/Compaq laptops are the worst. Most of the laptops I've worked on that came in with severe problems were HP and Compaq laptops. They load them up full of junk, the hardware is usually almost garbage, and they don't design the air system very well so it easily fills up with dust from having to deal with all the crapware on it and dies. 3 years ago maybe they were better.
    I'd recommend Dell or Asus for laptops, or a MacBook if you're not against that (you can install Windows on them).
  10. JimBobIII

    JimBobIII Guest

    Honestly, almost any modern laptop can run most MMOs. I've got a four year old Sony VAIO with Intel 4500MHD graphics (the last integrated Intel graphics prior to the HD line), which can run World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, and presumably stuff like Runescape, all with decent settings at native resolution, without much in the way of framerate issuesying. People have apparently milked some good framerates out of The Old Republic with it, but I'm not interested in trying it until after it goes F2P.
  11. linbgs

    linbgs Guest

    You have an Acer Aspire too?
    I have that too and it is the slowest computer that I've ever have the displeasure of dealing with.
    I can't wait til I get a new Macbook so I can't go to town on this lp office space style.
  12. boyce

    boyce Guest

    Dell's Alienware is the best laptop for gaming.You can use it for your games.
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  13. rajeshkumar1

    rajeshkumar1 Guest

    just try a lenovo with core i3 processor installed in it.
  14. markhood

    markhood Guest

    Increase ram of your computer....
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  15. dale

    dale Guest

    No specific numbers, so must speak very generally: gaming computers tend not to need lots of RAM
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  16. Peytonsmith

    Peytonsmith Guest

    the matter belongs more with the configuration of the computer you have ... in case if you want to utilize gaming more on it then there are various enhanced graphics cards along with bigger memory required ...just go over the web and scan there for efficient one of the the both for a better idea .. you may have them later as well...
  17. Mohanasmith

    Mohanasmith Guest

    there is no any particular version for playing off the games on laptop. it depends on the configuration of your lappy. better would be to go on any of the sets of the lappy
  18. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    Um, HP/Compaq have always been good to me. You just have to take care of them. Just got my dv6t-7000 with an i5 (with hyperthreading:)) 6gb ram, and gt 630m. I have been playing MW and Star Wars The Old Republic on it nicely. On the Linux side, Portal and Oil Rush play on full quality. easily getting 45 fps.

    The most important features to look for are Ram and the Graphics card. CPU is important, but remember that most games don't use more then 1 or 2 threads. So bus bandwidth and information transfer speeds of the CPU are the qualities to look for in CPUs. Unless you are playing BF 3, which recommends a quad core. Same with CD Black Ops II.

    It all depends on what games you want to play and what System you want to use. Hard drive space is also a consideration. HDMI out, etc.
  19. MikeyD

    MikeyD Guest

    Brands mean nothing look at specs. Almost any modern game can run well with 8gb RAM or less generally the bottleneck is going to be your graphics card as the best cards can be large and HOT so try to find a laptop with a discrete memory card (not integrated on the motherboard) that has 1gb or more onboard RAM and it should run most games well if you're looking for ultra settings on battlefield 3 or crysis 2 though you may need the space of a desktop

    I used to have an Alienware an they're good but overpriced and by no means the best depending on the model you get. Since Dell bought them they've gone downhill if you really want an ultra powerful mega laptop and price isn't an issue check out iBuyPower but at that point you could built a better desktop for half the money

    As much as I love linux most games are still made for windows and will require a VM to play (I've heard Steam for linux is minimal at this point in time also) so as much as I hate to say it I'd stick with windows for gaming
  20. cronugs

    cronugs Guest

    If you intend to run Linux and play games, be carful what hardware you get. On a desktop machine, graphics cards and drivers are all fine, but on some laptops that have dual graphics cards, one integrated and one discreet chip for gaming, Linux struggles. Chipset manufacturers have not released specs for to handle the chipset switching technology, and haven't released drivers themselves to handle it. There are workarounds but they are clumsy and time consuming to set up. If you have to play games on a laptop, I would suggest finding one that has discreet graphics only. There are some around.

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