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Laptop Fancontrol



Problem: Noisy Fan, constantly running.
Possible Solution: Reduce fan speed, set temperatures so fan does not run constant.


laptop = HP Pavilion zv6000
cpu = AMD Athlon 64 processor 3500+
os = Linux Mint 12 (lisa)


Install lm-sensors
Run Command: sensors


Adapter: Virtual device
temp1: +50.0°C (crit = +82.0°C)

Adapter: PCI adapter
Core0 Temp: +59.0°C

Install pwmconfig
Run Command: sudo pwmconfig


# pwmconfig revision 5857 (2010-08-22)
This program will search your sensors for pulse width modulation (pwm)
controls, and test each one to see if it controls a fan on
your motherboard. Note that many motherboards do not have pwm
circuitry installed, even if your sensor chip supports pwm.

We will attempt to briefly stop each fan using the pwm controls.
The program will attempt to restore each fan to full speed
after testing. However, it is ** very important ** that you
physically verify that the fans have been to full speed
after the program has completed.

/usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed

Run Command: fancontrol


Loading configuration from /etc/fancontrol ...
Error: Can't read configuration file

All of my attempts have been with failure.

I have read multiple tutorials, manuals, and forum threads on the topic. In hopes of finding some resolution, im asking this community for any information they can lend. If anyone can help suggest how to control the fan speed and fan on / off i would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

Try to check your BIOS. In my laptop I can't control my fan manually but BIOS does.
Bios fancontrol

Try to check your BIOS. In my laptop I can't control my fan manually but BIOS does.

Thank you for the response.

I have tried that. No luck in BIOS. I ended up opening the laptop. I cleaned it out and swapped out the fan. This helped but it is still loud. The more I read tells me that hp is just a noisy machine.

Is it a Dell? I know for a fact dell has a diagnostic centre that can be used to check up on the fan's stats and change rotation speeds.
It's a HP Pavillion.

I have similar Specs and also a HP Pavillion DV5 1235EE, i have overheating issues. I contacted HP support for this and they suggested me to install a new cooling pad for my laptop, since my laptop was fairly new back then.

Well, older HP Pavillion laptops have a really bad cooling management system. These days i notice my laptop's Core Temp's are usually stable at around 60-70 C and dosen't go lower than that.

I have yet to service my laptop and clean the heating vents. I figured that i couldn't control my laptops fan either.

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